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Gold Eagle Brand Solutions: Growing Your Business

Gold Eagle is a full-service Private Label Manufacturer. Leveraging our existing, proprietary expertise in the lubricant, fuel additive, and surface protection verticals, we take established product lines and expand those legacy brands into new verticals. Working under the premise that every hole in a product line is an opportunity for a competitor to fill that void, Gold Eagle expands brands and our Private Label partners enter new verticals outside of their core products.

The Gold Eagle Difference

We provide customized solutions using our Research and Development labs, in-house blow molding and compounding, combined with our quality control and professional customer support teams.  Gold Eagle’s manufacturing process is comprised of high speed fill lines capable of filling, labeling and packaging a large number of SKUs.  We also do short runs and are able to react to surges in short time.  We are able to provide inventory and shipping solutions to make sure your products are delivered and stored accordingly.  If desired, Gold Eagle can offer your Brand the same level of marketing expertise we employ to support and grow our leading Retail Brands.