MOTOR FORCE Hand Sanitizer

Available for private label or as MOTOR FORCE

Contact: or 586-531-1776

  • 80% Alcohol
  • Antiseptic Hand Rub
  • Non-Sterile Solution
  • Sizes available – Packaging subject to change based on supply chain demands
    • 32oz – Includes 2 sprayers per case. NDC Code: 78007-111-32
    • 16oz – Includes 2 sprayers per case. NDC Code: 78007-111-16
    • 12oz – NDC Code: 78007-111-12

MOTOR FORCE Hand Sanitizer Products

15oz MOTOR FORCE Gel Hand Sanitizer
16oz MOTOR FORCE Liquid Hand Sanitizer
128oz MOTOR FORCE Gel Hand Sanitizer
128oz MOTOR FORCE Liquid Hand Sanitizer

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MOTOR FORCE Hand Sanitizer Dispenser and Stands

Automatic Touchless Dispenser
Table Top Stand
Floor Stand
Gallon Basket
Floor Stand with Foot Pump

HEROES’ Hand Sanitizing Rub FAQ

Gold Eagle Company is an EPA registered facility (Establishment # 035559-IL-2) using the W.H.O. Formula and FDA Registration process to produce an approved sanitizing product.

Reference: W.H.O. Guidelines , FDA Guidelines  

Where Can I Buy More?
Consult your local approved distributor you purchased from or call Gold Eagle for your nearest distributor. Call 1-800-367-3245 for a location near you.
How Much Isopropyl Alcohol Is In This?
The HEROES’ product is 80% ethanol, not isopropyl based. An explanation of the two alcohols is below.
What Is The Difference Between An IPA Formula And An Alcohol Formula? Why Are They Different Percentages?
IPA is also known as Isopropyl Alcohol and Isopropanol. IPA is a three-carbon chain length secondary alcohol. Ethanol is a two-carbon chain length primary alcohol. The carbon chain lengths and positioning of the alcohol impact the evaporation rate, solvency, and odor of each product. IPA dries faster and has a rubbing alcohol smell. IPA also has a stronger solvency due to the three-carbon chain length and positioning of the alcohol. Ethanol has a sweet smell and is easier on the skin. (National Library of Medicine, 2020) (source: and source: The reason for the different percentages is due to the solvency powers of the alcohols. There is a greater ethanol percentage than IPA percentage in their respective formulas because ethanol is not as powerful as IPA. Both formulas are proven effective by the World Health Organization and approved by the Food & Drug Administration in the battle against COVID-19.
Why Is This So Thin?
This product is made under the W.H.O. directives. Other products that are ‘thicker’ have extra inert ingredients that do nothing for sanitization and are hard for the W.H.O. to mandate as there are too many to list. Therefore, the W.H.O. made only active ingredients part of the formulas. That means the HEROES’ customer is only paying for and using active ingredients.
What Is The Shelf Life?
All W.H.O. approved products must have a date printed on the bottle to meet guidelines. The shelf life of the bottle changes when it is opened.
  1. Unopened: 2 years from the date of manufacturing (see Julian date code on bottle)
  2. Opened: 90 days from the day bottle is opened.
How To Read the Gold Eagle Date Code?
If you would like to know when your bottle was produced, the stamped production code on the bottle can tell you when the bottle was produced. The first five digits of the number indicate YYDDD, with YY indicating the last two digits of the year of production and DDD representing the number of the day of that year of production. For example, a production code of 12272-73995-10:30 indicates the bottle was produced on September 28, 2012. September 28th was the 272nd day in the year 2012. (Julian Day calendar)
There Seems To Be A Lot Of New Options For Hand Sanitizers. What Makes Yours Different?
Our product is run in an FDA registered facility using W.H.O. guidelines. There are many products on the market that may not be following those strict guidelines. When reviewing products, look at their label to make sure it meets W.H.O. guidelines as well as review their Safety Data Sheet (SDS). The FDA has released guidelines for running product in facilities that normally do not run sanitizing products. FDA Guidelines
How Do I Use This Bottle?
HEROES’ comes in many forms depending on when you purchased and what bottle and caps we had available. 32oz Bottle – To use, remove the smaller cap and squeeze the bottle. Squeeze a small amount of liquid into the chamber and pour on hands. Rub in thoroughly until liquid is dry. How to use our 32oz bottle 12oz & 16oz Bottle – To use, press down on one side of the cap and the other side will pop up. Gently squeeze the bottle until desired amount of liquid has been dispensed.
What Is The NDC # (National Drug Code) For This Product?
NDC is for actual drugs and is not needed for this W.H.O. approved formula.
Does It Have An Added Scent?
Our initial runs of product did not have scent due to following strict W.H.O. regulations mandate the specific chemicals that can be added. As time progressed the W.H.O. guidelines have become more clear. Although adding a scent (fragrance) is not recommended by W.H.O., it is not prohibited. Adding a fragrance can lessen the impact of smell with an ethyl alcohol-based hand sanitizing formula such as HEROES’. Therefore, runs after the date of May 8, 2020 will have a subtle fragrance added.
What Does Non-Sterile Mean?
Produced in an open-air environment and not in a controlled laboratory, small batch setting. The product did not go through an autoclave process. Autoclave is a process of sterilization that utilizes steam/heat to purify, then those items must be sealed and bagged. The W.H.O. process mandates hydrogen peroxide to assure the product does not grow bacteria.
Why Can’t I Get A Different Dispensing Cap? Foaming Pump Is Preferred So This Might Come Up Often.
We are limited on the types of dispensing caps at this point due to supply chain restrictions. If you have an existing FDA formula product with a different dispensing cap you can use our product to refill that container. The majority of sprayers and pumps come from China. That supply chain is compromised. When the supply chain corrects, and pumps and sprayers become plentiful again we will change our deliverable. Please contact your sales representative or check
Why Is It Called Hand Rub?
Unlike the term “hand sanitizer,” which W.H.O. designates for all products sold at retail, “hand rub” is the common nomenclature in the health care industry. The W.H.O. mandates that all hand sanitizing products, not sold at retail, be designated as hand rubs. We have branded HEROES’ as a hand rub since it is only being offered commercially and not at retail.
Can I Purchase Direct?
We sell only through authorized distributors, for more information please call us at 1-800-367-3245.
Can I Purchase In Different Sizes?
At this point, our sizes are very limited due to supply chain demands. The sizes of HEROES’ is currently either 12oz, 16oz or 32oz. Please contact us at 1-800-367-3245 to find out what is currently available.