MOTOR FORCE was built for the B2B distributor.

You will never see this brand in retail or online stores.

Motor Force Line Up

This B2B, MRO, Office Product, JanSan, and Building Maintenance Supply distributor has been selling to the education, municipal, government, military, large retail chains, and local business market segments for decades. These entities have fleet maintenance departments and distributors that are already selling MRO, ice melt, cleaners, degreasers, safety, hand cleaners, and the like into these departments, missing out on lucrative fleet fluids consumables – until now.

MOTOR FORCE is comprised of the top-moving universal fluids mechanic shops use every single day. Whether working on landscaping equipment, prepping products for storage, or rebuilding a bus, there are fluids consumed that your customers are already purchasing. This makes MOTOR FORCE products an easy market segment to bolt-on to your existing orders.

Using a Midwest public-school system as an example, let’s break this down. We start with a fleet of 75 buses along with ten schools housed in 31 different buildings (each building requiring ground maintenance equipment, snow removal, and landscape equipment). Every school has a pickup truck and there are three large trucks to share throughout the school system for major projects. On top of this, add a marching band truck, two special needs vans, and two athletic equipment trucks for each school. For this district, there are three full-time mechanics and their work usually falls under the Building and Grounds department – the very same department you are already selling other products to.

Expanding further out in this same town, there are a dozen public works trucks. Additionally, the parks & recreation department has about 100 or more small engine devices spanning from mowers, earth moving equipment, blowers, and trimmers all the way to generators, emergency equipment, ATVs, and a tractor. And don’t forget the fire, police, and emergency services departments – there are at least 20 police and fire vehicles in this scenario.

Now, most school districts and towns of this size have fleet service garages that are self-performing on maintenance. With all of these vehicles and engines working through either one or a small group of concentrated garages, there is a tremendous opportunity for distributors to expand their share of wallet by offering MOTOR FORCE.

MOTOR FORCE is a Bolt-On Category. These vehicles are already making a path through their garages and your customers are already buying these products. Now, they can buy them from you.

Are there any military, hospital, or correctional facilities in your service area that you are already selling? If so, there are engines, motors, and vehicles to be maintained. Remember; the U.S. Government is the single largest purchaser of everything, ever, in the history of mankind. They have a lot of engines, vehicles, marine, aerospace devices, and motorized equipment to handle. Use the market opportunity that already exists – BOLT-ON MOTOR FORCE – as your single-source solution to service this market.

Opportunity abounds in the private sector. From the local landscaping company, golf course, food distribution, to wholesale organizations. In fact, many distribution owners reading this have fleets that are serviced in-house. Basically, any company that has equipment that is serviced in-house.

MOTOR FORCE is the only cohesive, one-stop brand that covers engine and vehicle fluids, along with appearance and protection products. It’s also the only new item in your portfolio that generates NEW revenue.

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