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Built for the B2B Distributor, Motor Force® is comprised of the top-moving universal fluids mechanic shops use every single day. Whether working on landscaping equipment, prepping products for storage, or rebuilding a bus, there are fluids consumed that your customers are already purchasing. This makes Motor Force® products an easy market segment to bolt-on to your existing orders.


Trusted Expertise

It’s common to find employees who’ve worked here for 20, 30 and even 40 or more years. Our customers place their trust in a team that has spent nearly 90 years setting the standard in fluids and chemical manufacturing.

Total Quality Control

From Conception to Shipping, all products are made here in the USA in our ISO 9001:2015 certified Chicago facility to ensure we meet or exceed our customers’ high standards.

Small & Large Run Capabilities

Size does matter and we have the equipment to handle all orders ranging from a case to truckloads.

Marketing Support

Our in-house Marketing team offers custom packaging design, technical writing, digital & print marketing guidance and product video development.

Service Beyond Expectations

Our goal is to perform above expectations, delivering quality and integrity with everything that we do. We consistently go the extra mile to ensure satisfaction with our products.

The Perfect Bolt-On Portfolio

Used as a stand-alone product or as a Private Label template, Motor Force is the perfect BOLT-ON portfolio for any company seeking to expand their product suite through functional fluids, additives, appearance and protection products.


Motor Force allows distributors to enter into the lucrative repair fluids market with lubricants, fuel additives, cleaners and surface protection products all under a single brand name. Your customers are already consuming these fluids and now they can buy from you.

Private Labeling

Re-brand Motor Force under your established brand name as a line extension, or choose from our portfolio of 1,000s of innovative custom formulations. Unique packaging options and marketing tools gives you a competitive advantage to grow your business.

Contract Packaging

Gold Eagle Co. has nearly 90 years of experience in chemical blending, filling and contract chemical packaging. We manufacture products to your exacting specifications with custom packaging options from 4 oz. bottles to 5,000-gallon bulk trucks.

Become a Distributor

Working under the premise that every hole in a product line is an opportunity for a competitor to fill that void, Motor Force® expands brands to enter new verticals outside of your core products.

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