Contract Manufacturing

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While Motor Force® gives you multiple options to grow your business, Gold Eagle gives you even more solutions as a full-service contract packager, filler and manufacturer of fuel additives, surface protection products, cleaners, lubricants and industrial fluids. Contract manufacturing takes your existing, highly defined products and delivers world-class production results. In the contract manufacturer side of the business, the OEM provides the specifications – from the fluid to be filled to the glue that is used to seal the carton. Gold Eagle meets OEM specifications 100% of the time and is already the ‘go-to’ source for multiple international brands. In fact, you see Gold Eagle products in thousands of retail outlets and online every day, but under hundreds of different brand names.

Quality control and quality assurance are essential for creating superior products. Gold Eagle’s manufacturing and storage facilities are ISO 9001 certified, ensuring the highest-quality liquid manufacturing.

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