Private Label Solutions with Motor Force®

Motor Force® is the perfect Private Label template for any company seeking to expand their share of wallet through functional fluids, additives, appearance and protection products.

Options to Expand Your Business and Brand

Motor Force® as a complete brand solution

Your customers are already consuming functional fluids and other products like fuel additives, surface protection products, cleaners and lubricants. By partnering with Motor Force, they can buy them from you instead of your competition.


Create your own private label offering

Re-brand Motor Force under your established brand name as a line extension or choose from our portfolio of 1,000s of innovative custom formulations. Unique packaging options and marketing tools gives you a competitive advantage to grow your business.

Expand your existing brand into new verticals

Every hole in your product line is an opportunity for a competitor to fill that void. Motor Force introduces your business to new verticals through functional fluids, additives, appearance and protection products.

Grow Your Business

Leveraging our existing, proprietary expertise in the lubricant, fuel additive, and surface protection verticals, we take established product lines and expand those legacy brands into new verticals. Working under the premise that every hole in a product line is an opportunity for a competitor to fill that void, Gold Eagle expands brands and our Private Label partners enter new verticals outside of their core products. While we are continually adding the newest and most innovative products to the Motor Force® line, the possibilities are endless with our massive selection of 1000’s of formulations and custom packaging options. Our step-by-step program makes it simple to develop a personalized program under your own exclusive brand with guidance on product selection, packaging and bottle options and label design.

Partnering with us has its perks.

Behind the scenes, we constantly obsess over finding ways to decrease costs, improve product performance and add services to help our customers boost their sales.

CPG Expertise

Our sales team is well-versed in multiple verticals both domestic and international. From independent regional distributors to the largest retailers in the world, our sales teams act as a guide for your company’s market entry point.

Expert Consultations

Our cross-functional team of chemists and engineers take the time to collaborate with your engineering and product management teams to ensure seamless product production.

Product Testing

All products are vigorously tested in our onsite innovation center and then verified by third party laboratories to ensure they meet, or more often, exceed industry standards.

Technical & Regulatory Support

Each formulation will include a Safety Data Sheet (SDS) and literature to substantiate product claims. Documentation is also provided for audits.

Marketing Support

Looking to promote your products? Our robust marketing team support gives you the tools to boost sales both online and offline, including E-commerce expertise with significant Amazon experience, product images and videos, digital marketing assets and SEO support.

Consumer Advocacy Team

Customer satisfaction is our top priority and our dedicated Customer Advocacy Team is quick to place your orders and address all questions or concerns.

Industry Insight

We stay ahead of the ever-changing lubricant marketplace by collaborating with the industry’s leading chemists, engineers and associations. Our goal is to empower our customers with the latest industry knowledge to be as successful as possible.

Our Capabilities

  • 12 high-speed fill lines with automated Filling and Labeling
  • Able to react to surges in short time frames
  • Quality no “toll” fill lines
  • Dedicated line for small volume runs with fast turnaround times
  • Custom packaging with on-site bottle blow molding
  • Packaging options range from 4 oz. bottles to 55-gallon drums
  • Bulk Options : 330-gallon totes up to 5,000-gallon bulk trucks
  • Label design and procurement
  •  Full-service EDI system with multiple protocol support to meet any customer’s requirements
  • Customer inventory is monitored through Demand Solution Forecasting software, thereby eliminating out-of-stock situations.
  • Storage for excess products is available in our centrally located 210,000 sq. ft. warehouse in Chicago, IL.
  • The space is climate controlled for optimal product efficacy and performance.
  • Even during these times of unprecedented supply disruption, our fill rate continues to trend at an outstanding 98%.
  • We also offer dynamic domestic and international inventory and shipping solutions to fit your individual needs.
  • Both our manufacturing facility and distribution center are strategically located to ship your products anywhere in the world by land, sea or air.

Interested in learning more?

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